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Social networking - The new wave of web interaction is here with

Social networking - Expanding at a ferocious rate, Beat100’s social network is starting to take form and before long will be dominating the social networking circuit.

Social networking - Evolving the social network to the next stage, Beat100 has taken all the pluses from past social networking websites & added in so many more perks and finer details that users are flocking to the site which also doubles up as a launch pad for undiscovered talent giving exposure to the unsigned where no other site will.


“Beat100 is for the people, by the people”


The great thing about Beat100 is that users don’t have to upload anything to the website to enjoy the social network; users can simply use the video upload side purely as entertainment, just think of it as all the other top social & video websites all under one roof. Many people have jumped ship already documenting feelings on Beat100’s social wall, one user wrote;

“Every morning I log onto Beat100, definitely going to take over!” – Beat100 user

The idea of having a social network which allows undiscovered talent to be pushed under the noses of the record executives or big companies by the users is putting the power back into the people’s hands; Beat100 is for the people, by the people.

Beat100’s interface is so simple to use, it allows users to directly link up with friends and discuss anything from what they had for dinner that day to who they are going to vote for in the Beat100 charts. On more than one occasion, even though still in its early stages Beat100 has witnessed musicians from the charts network with complete strangers and begin collaborations between the two. Being a worldwide site, one collaboration has even been made between a user in Britain & a user in America, such is the power of the internet, Beat100 has just made it one hundred times easier to achieve whilst making it fun in the process.

Beat100 can easily be hooked up with other networking websites such as Facebook & Twitter with status sharing technology creating one huge network. is also the only social networking site on the internet that can offer thousands in cash prizes to winners of monthly lifestyle and music video charts, whilst chatting with friends!

Beat100 will allow users to connect and network using all the popular social networking tools such as; live chat, media sharing, status updates, game play and music downloads.

Commenting on the fast growing social networking site, Dave Donovan, Beat 100 CEO and founder says;

“Beat100 is social networking with a difference. We hope to promote talent through live music events and our monthly video charts, whilst remaining free to use for everyone so they can connect and stay connected with like-minded people.”

Beat100 has already developed its very own unique way for hooking up with other users, many Twitter users will be familiar with the term ‘follow for follow’ meaning if a user was to follow another user then a follow would be returned so that both users are connected with every status update. Beat100 users have adopted this and evolved it into ‘vote for vote’ which sees users voting for each other’s videos to increase chances of topping the charts possibly unaware that by doing so a whole new social network is underway and expanding by the day.